Lace and Tulle: A Wedding Dress

A few years ago, I was very active in the young adult ministry of my church. Through this ministry, I made a lot of new friends in AND out of the LA area. Even though I am now a little less visibly involved with the ministry, I still have many of the great friends I made.

It was one of these lovely people, one who is very dear to me, who approached me last year about making her wedding dress. Clearly you KNOW I was interested – I love personal projects, especially bridal. And this is not only a client, but a friend. Even though bridalwear brings its own pressures, there is something wonderful about being part of a woman’s big day.

So, we had a meeting, talked about what she wanted in the dress – long sleeved, lace, hardly any train, fit and flare silhouette, streamlined and classic. I did a few sketches, made adjustments based on her responses and then went from there. I managed to talk her into having a bit of a train – after all how often do we get to wear a dress with a train – knowing that I would add a bustle as I usually do. It’s also easier to remove a train than to add one, at least with the style we agreed on.

The Dress

The bodice has a fine mesh/tulle yoke and matching sleeves, with a sweetheart neckline and slight V in the back neckline. The satin is overlaid with pleated netting which has more “give” than tulle because of its construction. Of course, there’s boning in the bodice, and an inner corset back for structure/stability.


Over the pleated tulle, down the bodice sides onto the hips, and also on the sleeves, I arranged sections of lace applique and hand sewed them in place over a number of days while watching K-Dramas.

(For the uninitiated, K-Dramas are Korean Dramas. I LOVE these so if you want recommendations, let me know. Coffee Prince is a good one)

The skirt is fit and flare satin with a short train. The skirt overlay is netting with a longer train, and also inserted godets for fullness. She didn’t want something excessively full because she didn’t want to have loads of fabric swirling around her especially when she was dancing. I added small bits of lace at the joins of the godet so it wouldn’t be too plain on the lower half. I also added a one-point bustle on the inside.

There is also hand-beading at the waist with pearl beads.

Her photographer got some great shots and put them on instagram. Here is my favourite:

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Can you tell I loved working on this dress? Seeing her dancing in it made my heart very glad. She’s an amazing dancer too! – Still waiting for her afro-dance fitness channel on YouTube.


What do you think?