Sometime last year a friend of mine had a birthday coming up, and for her birthday I promised her I’d make her something. She decided she wanted a summer dress. We talked about some details, I showed her a few fabric options and I came up with a design. And thus was born the Pebbles dress.

The Pebbles dress is a shift dress with very full sleeves gathered at the cuff. Since the sleeves are voluminous, the body of the dress is designed to skim the body with a comfortable amount of room without being too full. Definitely a shift vs a babydoll.

She loves pockets so of course it HAD to have some. Although they are more involved to sew, I love welt pockets so that’s what I added instead of standard side pockets. Even though I’m not trying to hide them, you have to look for the pockets a bit because ankara patterns can be busy.

The shoulders have a small ruffle of sorts at the top and the dress can be worn off-shoulder or with the shoulder pulled up a bit. It looks fabulous off shoulder with the sleeves pushed up on the arm.

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My girl knocked it out with fab hair and accessories, and I think she looks amazing. Clearly I’m not the only one because I started getting requests from people wanting theirs 🙂 She’s a great billboard, right? If you’d like one please contact me through the site, or send an email.



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