This dress was a for a client of mine who’s also a wedding planner. She had a wedding to attend and wanted a cocktail dress with a floral motif. Having been to Mood a few weeks prior, I had the perfect fabric in mind and she loved it. Alas, when I went back, they were out in LA and in New York. Fortunately, they had it in a different colour way that she also loved. I decided to pair it with an emerald green duchess satin and it turned out that green was a favoured colour of hers.

She was a dream to work with, and I thank God for clients like that:)

The silhouette is a classic fit and flare.

It has a sleeveless bodice with a boat neck (my favourite neckline),  and see-through yoke.

I actually had to dye the mesh because I could not find the right shade of green. Fun times with boiling fabric.

All the applique was sewn by hand. Much easier to hide the stitches that way. I also find it relaxing to hand sew some of these details.

Et voila, all done. To see her in the dress, please check out my instagram🙂

xx Bisous xx

February 27, 2017



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    March 6, 2017

    Hi Lady ID,

    Welcome back, I missed your delightful posts. 🙂

    I remember seeing this gorgeous dress on IG. Dyeing the mesh fabric was a brilliant idea, I find it annoying when I can’t find thread or zippers in the exact same shade.

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      Lady ID

      March 7, 2017

      Hey lady!!!!!

      Thank you for the warm welcome back:) Dyeing the mesh was interesting – I had to play with timing and mixing shades but it turned out just right in the end:) I’ve never tried it with zippers or thread – it’s usually easy enough for me to find what I need. Mind you, I have a small drawer full of zippers in different colours and lengths.

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