New Name…New Look

Hey y’all!!!

Peppermint and Paisley is now Gila ati Amour!!!!

This will be a short post but it’s basically a catch up post. After a year (and some months), I’m back to blogging again.

Some of you may know that I used to blog over at Peppermint and Paisley with my dear friend, Bekah. Eventually we stopped blogging as life happened (good things though). At first we thought it was just a slow down but by the beginning of last year, we decided to retire the blog. Although it had been lots of fun, our jobs had us very occupied and life called:) B has a passion project that I can’t wait to see completed so she needed to refocus. Meanwhile, I was busy getting married (yay), planning two ceremonies and of course making my dresses for those events.

Of course, I continued to design and sew under the label name, Gila ati Amour, so it only made sense to switch everything over to that brand. If you followed us on instagram, you would have seen the name change. I knew I’d be back to blogging though because I really enjoyed it – especially the friendships and interactions that had come out of it.

So here I am a year later! This will be a place for me to share fashion, some lifestyle (and maybe a few cupcakes). I will be sharing clothes I’ve made for myself, but also designs I’ve worked on for my wonderful clients. I love seeing people enjoying life in #gilaatiamour clothes and I want to share that with you. As far as old posts, you will notice that some of them have made it over here. Mostly the fashion posts but who knows…a few cupcakes may come back.

All this to say welcome to all the new faces, and welcome back to the veterans. Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey. It truly has been fun and amazing and I know it will only get better.

Stay tuned for more on Gila ati Amour.

Bisous and Bonne Année mes amis!


PS. I just noticed that someone has claimed the old blog name, haha. I am trying to make this transition as smooth as possible so if you notice any funkiness, PLEASE give me a shout:)

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    February 27, 2017

    Yayyy! Welcome back Lady ID. 🙂

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